Dart URL Scheme

From Dart 1.1.1 a URL scheme is available.

The URL scheme follows the x-callback-url specification.

The following can be used to launch Dart:


To add a bookmark to Pinboard using the scheme use:


The parameters (all are optional):

url: The encoded URL to save.
title: The encoded title for the bookmark.
description: The encoded description for the bookmark.
tags: The encoded space separated tags list.

Currently Dart does not implement all the x-callback parameters (these are all optional in the specification).


Here are a couple of bookmarklets for saving pages from an iOS browser to Pinboard using Dart.

To install the bookmarklet either on your computer drag the bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar and let your chosen bookmark syncing service sync the bookmarklet to your device.

Alternatively on your device bookmark this page, copy the bookmarklet code, edit the bookmark you just created and change the address to the bookmarklet code.

Simple bookmarklet

This bookmarklet simply takes the URL and title of the current page and sends them to Dart.

Bookmarklet: Save with Dart


Advanced bookmarklet

This bookmarklet uses a custom build of the particular pinboard bookmarklet for use with Dart.

This will try to:

Bookmarklet: Save with Dart